Office of Student Affairs

GroupPost dateTitleNo. of reviews
Life Counseling Section2019-07-30Anti-fraud proclaims "Fake free game test, real blackmail", please refer to.4
Life Counseling Section2019-07-12Please refer to the 26
Mental Health Service2019-03-05Please help to fill up the questionnaire from Ministry of Education.78
Mental Health Service2019-02-12107-2Teacher Conference111
Mental Health Service2019-02-12107-2 Advanced Studies for Teachers90
Life Counseling Section2019-01-23Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning information71
Extracurricular Activities Section2019-01-22Overseas students Chinese New Year of Ancestor Worship72
Extracurricular Activities Section2019-01-01Baking C-level license-bread, cake and cookies (Only Natives ) Enrollment Now !136
Extracurricular Activities Section2018-09-05 Inter-University Exchanges119
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