Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning information

Group:Life Counseling Section ╱ 公告類別:AnnouncementPost date:2019-01-23
 1.In response to the cold current, the temperature plummeted, reminding students (especially those outside the school) to use gas water heaters to bathe and gas stoves to cook, special attention should be paid to indoor air circulation, avoid doors and windows closed, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning event.
2.In order to let students understand the disaster prevention instructions and self-inspection methods, please refer to the Fire Department's website (http://www.nfa.gov.tw/pro/index.php?code=list&flag=detail&ids=21&article_id=829) If you feel discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, lethargy, etc., immediately open the window to the outside. If you are seriously unwell, please go to a well-ventilated outdoor environment, then call 119 or with friends and relatives (school). Help, you can ensure that your students are safe and sound.
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