Anti-fraud proclaims "Fake free game test, real blackmail", please refer to.

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  1. Recently, the gangsters have discovered that through the social software such as Facebook, "Publish iOS free game demos, you will give 1000 salary after 10 minutes of trial play." It seems that you can easily make money, but it falls into the set of gangsters. In the trap. The fraud group logs out the Apple ID account originally set by the mobile phone through the "Setting the \Apple ID login account" on the iPhone. At the same time, after logging in to the Apple ID account password given by the gangster, it is also guided by the gangster to open "Find me." The iPhone's function will result in the iPhone being locked in the victim's hand. At this time, the gangster will extort the victim's unlocking fee of about NT$000 from the victim. If the money is sent to the remittance, it will be truly Blackmail success.

2. To prevent fraud, please check the information on the "165 Anti-Cheat" website of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, or download the "Anti-Brigade" LINE@ to help identify whether the shopping website is a fraudulent page or directly call the 165 anti-fraud consultation line. Check to avoid being cheated.

3. The above information is shared from the "165 National Anti-Cheat" website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Ministry of the Interior (website: https://www.165.gov.tw/News/Details/137) and ETtoday News Cloud (website: https:/ /www.ettoday.net/news/20190310/1395737.htm).
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