Dormitory Section


Introduction Dormitory

 About the hostel
 Providing a full range of life function
A. Nankai encoded as a dormitory building eight buildings on the ground , the ground floor of the new building , approximately 5,300 pings.
B. In terms of live performance , ㄧ floor contains a bookstore , photocopy shop , reading room, faculty fellowship room, basement planning for the food court , with a bakery , self-
Assistant meals, hot and cold drinks , Japanese pasta, composite pasta, vegetarian and a total of thirteen stalls offering different dining options, another set of students Yule
Heart, providing recreational space.
C. in a student dormitory , the suite of four , both 882 -bed high ceiling design to make it more comfortable living space , each bedroom with bath
Air conditioning, broadband Internet , phone , always make each floor has a lounge , pantry , laundry room, and other public spaces.
D. in the dormitory security, building access all electronic IC card ( student ID ) card mode as access control, and each room are so inductive IC card
Get in and out , focusing on student safety protection.
E. Nankai University student dormitory in line with new technology , safety , learning, clean, comfortable and good living environment , we welcome applications to use.


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