Please refer to the implementation plan of the 110th Ministry of Education's Moral Education Call for Papers (including audio-visual works) selection activities.

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  1. The brief information of the plan is as follows (see the attached implementation plan for details):
 (1) Call for papers: from now until October 17, 110 (Sunday).
 (2) The online submission method will be adopted, and the online registration will be opened on August 1, 110 (Sunday) (Character Education Resource Network-Online Contribution Zone).
 (3) Type of selection:
   1. Moral education and teaching activity design
   2. Moral theme stories
  3, character-themed comics
   4, moral themed audio-visual category
 (4) Reward method: All selected works:
  1. Moral education and teaching activity design, moral theme story: A donation fee of NT$580 per thousand words (the same below) (up to 3,000 yuan per piece of teaching design) and a certificate of merit.
   2. Character-themed comics: a gift of 1,200 yuan each and a certificate of merit.
   3. Moral-themed audio-visual: a gift of 5,000 yuan each and a certificate.
  4. The instructors of moral themed stories, comics, and audio-visual works will be awarded certificates of appreciation.
  5. Administrative rewards: The Ministry of Education will send a separate letter to the educational administrative authority to reward the teachers and students who have won the contest.
2. If you have any related questions, please go to the "Character Education Resource Network" (URL: https://ce.naer.edu.tw) for reference, or please call Ms. Jian Yinting, the contact person of the school undertaking this case (National Taiwan Normal University) , Contact number: (02) 7749-6785.
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